After precisely 10 hours of work, I am glad to offer you a first look at my Webchunks extension (3.0a1 <= firefox <= 3.0b5pre).

  1. install the extension, relaunch firefox, notice the new toolbar
  2. visit a site using feed-based webslices like Ebay at
  3. go the bottom right of the page and search for uuuh.... welll... something
  4. hover over the results, you'll notice a blue icon appearing on the  left hand side of an entry ; when such an icon is visible, you have a specific context menu entry to subscribe to the webslice ; do it !
  5. a new entry appeared in the toolbar, if you click on it, you'll see the webslice...
  • Webslices can be a chunk of page identified by a specific class, or the contents of the first item of an RSS feed ; this extension implements only the latter for the time being. The former is not a problem at all, I just started with the latter, period.
  • clicking on a link in the webslice opens a new window, not a new tab
  • submitting a form in a webslice probably does not work yet
  • no context menu on the toolbar entries for the moment
  • no tweaking of the entry's name for the moment
About the current extension:
  • uses mozStorage and templates
  • some MPL code reused from the places code
  • the rest is "(c) Disruptive Innovations SARL 2008 All rights reserved" for the time being ; free for personal use only

Enjoy... Comments allowed on this post.