• second type of webslice (HTML-based) implemented
  • support of favicon
  • support of expiration
  • warnings in the popup for the expiration date, if the data has already expired, or if the remote resource is unreachable/unparsable
  • code cleanup


  • TTL
  • manual refresh through context menu in the toolbar
  • better handling on the in-page webchunk icon
  • clicking on the toolbar's icon should list all webchunks in the page for direct subscription
  • possibility to tweak name before subscription
Fresh meat:

The hardest part is done, the rest is really minor. Overall, it took me more or less 3 days - seven hours per day only, hey, France is a country of slackers, that's well known - to implement one of the new key features of IE8... One easy conclusion : long life Firefox !

Update: Zbigniew gandalf Braniecki had fifteen minutes to kill today. Downloaded my extension and contributed a quick patch adding a Refresh button :-) That is also Ze Power of Mozilla :-)