WebSlices in Firefox #6


  • aaaah, it really starts looking cool and usable
  • the contextual menu entry on slices in the page is gone ; the icon is now clickable to register a slice
  • such a click opens a dialog that allows you, unlike MSIE8, to rename the title of the slice
  • you can now hide/show the toolbar from the View > Toolbars menu
  • the icon in first position in the toolbar is now clickable, opens a menupopup listing the demo sites and all the slices found in the current web page. Selecting a slice entry there register it


  • TTL
  • I mailed Microsoft about the status of the blue webslice icon I am reusing. I am asking them to make it freely reusable by third-parties so all browsers show the same icon just like with the orange RSS icon. In case, this icon is not freely reusable, I'll ask for contributions, I am no graphics designer at all...

Fresh meat:

  • v0.03 XPI
  • WARNING: this code is for the time being (c) Disruptive Innovations; All rights reserved even if the source is open. MPL parts are clearly indentified in the xpi. Free for personal use, redistribution is not, I repeat is not, allowed for the the moment. In other terms, this site has currently no authorization to redistribute webchunks.