Webchunks 0.1

WebchunksI am glad to report that I implemented the whole Microsoft Webslices spec (excluding window.external.* extensions...) into my extension Webchunks for Firefox 3. It's now available in version 0.1 from Disruptive Innovations. Still free for personal use, all rights reserved, redistribution not allowed yet. Here's the changelog:

  • ttl and expiration implemented. When a webchunk is updated, the toobarbutton is in bold. It's in italic font when the entry has expired. 5 minutes before the expiration time, a flashy background appears.
  • default slice (<link rel="default-slice"....) implemented
  • meta element switching off webslices implemented
  • some webslices were not detected (report from grebulon)
  • I was dealing only with ISO dates, not RFC822, it's fixed now
  • many thanks to Jakub 'jimmac' Steiner who contributed the icons, created from scratch.
  • Warning, eBay currently has a few issues with the expiration dates in its webslice feeds. They're working on it.


1. On Monday 17 March 2008, 17:25 by g

Firefox could not install the file at


because: Not a valid install package

2. On Monday 17 March 2008, 17:29 by Daniel Glazman

Sorry for that, please retry. My ftp client was in ascii mode...

3. On Monday 17 March 2008, 18:47 by nico@nc


4. On Tuesday 18 March 2008, 12:43 by zaf

this is lovely
Wish there were a few more sites that had webslices. Could you just slice anything?