WebchunksWith Greasemonkey's invaluable help, I am now glad to let you add in-page webchunks to any web site... It's not absolutely trivial but it's not difficult if you know JS. You have to write a Greasemonkey script doing the following:


  1. adding the hslice class to your webslice in the document
  2. adding a dummy ID to that element if it has no ID at all
  3. adding the entry-title class to the element that contains the title of your webslice or append one to your webslice if there's no title and you want to suggest a default one
  4. adding the entry-content class to all the sub-elements of your webslice you want to see appear in your popup
Here is an example of such a script for http://us.cnn.com and http://edition.cnn.com. To make that run, I needed to let Webchunks know about Greasemonkey. The extension is not dependant on Greasemonkey, meaning that if you don't have GM, no problem, Webchunks will still install and run.
  1. install Webchunks v0.12 (Firefox >=3 required).
  2. install Greasemonkey if you don't already have it
  3. install the webchunks.css.com.user.js script for GM
  4. pay a little visit to http://edition.cnn.com and find the two webslices...

Changelog for v0.12:

  • the icon is now displayed on the right side of the element in case of rtl direction
  • the favicon was not always correctly detected and stored
  • the width of the popup is now the width of the element in the page in case of an in-page webslice
  • GM knowledge to let Webchunks call GM for the documents shown in a webchunk popup
  • moved the buttons inside the popup from bottom to top of the popup in case the webslice is too high for the screen (if I try putting a scrollbar on the iframe, the rendering is weird : you can scroll the iframe but you have to make your mouse pointer leave the popup to see the iframe's content sync with the scrollbar's position...)
  • if you toggle fullscreen on or off, the position of the floating icon is now changed if necessary