Almost ten years ago, I submitted a Note to the Consortium called STTS 3. That Note was about a very simple transformation language reusing the CSS general syntax and the selectors. Since some of the basic transformations you need to apply to a document to move from Tag Soup to something usables needed to select elements based on descendants or successors, I introduced the :subject simple selector to describe the subject of the current selector.

In other words, div > p selects p element inside a div while div:subject > p selects divs containing a p. So many people in the web designers community ask for it there's no question it's one of the top enhancement requests for CSS.

This simple selector was always rejected based on implementation and performance but today, we have this line in the CSS WG meeting agenda :

Selectors: Changing the Subject (":subject")

Well. I implemented it back in 1998 in a tool entirely compliant with the CSS general syntax :-) Eheh :-) Not sure it's going to be discussed today because we have a lot of important things on our radar but still, please allow me to consider it as a big victory...