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The march 2008 face-to-face meeting of the W3C's CSS Working Group is now over and I want to thank deeply Hewlett-Packard and my co-chairman Peter Linss for a superb hosting. Since we took over the chair role at the beginning of that meeting, I was really stressed and worried the days before. It went very well. I have the feeling we made a lot of progress. I think Peter and I have shown we do care about CSS, we do care about the CSS WG, we do care about CSS in the W3C. We want less perfectionnism, a bit more formalism, openess but not chaos, prioritization and RECs, RECs, RECs. We also want to have fun. Designing CSS can be sometimes difficult, very difficult ; so difficult that a one-liner can give us headaches.... Doing that w/o having fun would be awful and painful. I'd like to thank - from left to right around the table and then Members who attended on IRC - Elika Etemad (HP), Ming (HP), Molly Holzschlag, Arron Eicholz (Microsoft), Alex Mogilevsky (Microsoft), Anne van Kesteren (Opera), Bert Bos (W3C), Steve Zilles (Adobe), Jason Cranford Teague (AOL), Chris Lilley (W3C), David Baron (Mozilla), Tantek Çelik, Dave Hyatt (Apple) and David Singer (Apple) for their intense participation in this successful 3 days-meeting. Guys, you rock.

The first next step for us is the new Charter of the Group. Stay tuned.

On a personal note, I am flying back to the Ol'Continent saturday morning and will remain away from email until monday morning european time. Bye San Diego !

Update: CSS WG in action...


1. On Monday 31 March 2008, 03:43 by JoeS

Well, I guess LTR is always relative to your 'point of view' so how bout some captions on that photo. Might be good to start from the Terry Bradshaw (QB Pittsburgh Steelers) look-alike, or the guy that has hair even grayer than mine.(must be the AOL guy) I wouldn't want to have a mental image of David Baron, that was actually Anne van Kesteren.
That's a joke David, and Anne.