Web authors, rejoice... I accepted an action item to write a short note about variables in CSS. The syntax will NOT be something readers should comment on. Basically it's a mechanism to define a variable and be able later on to use that variable as the value of a property or in the list of values of a property. It's also a mechanism to change that variable from script. It's not a macro, not a constant, it's more a "CSS variable". Once I have released this note, we'll need feedback from the web authors community based on use cases and, again, not commenting on the syntax. Basically, to make this happen, we need an editor for the spec (done), use cases to prove this feature is not only desired but needed, and of course two implementations... Of course, we also need Selectors Level 3 to be out in the wild and we need spare cycles. Stay tuned!

Update: sorry for the member-only URL. Not sure really why a list of suggested extensions for CSS 3 is member-only when all the contents of that doc comes 100% from public feedback... Anyway, I updated the link.