I am glad to report the CSS WG has decided last week during its face-to-face meeting in San Diego, based on highly influential messages coming from two other Working Groups of the Consortium, to investigate having an XML language for Cascading Stylesheets. One of the key requirements is the ability to author compound XML documents containing both the markup and the stylistic data used by User Agents to render it. More specifically, it is the only viable solution - even if I don't personally think it's a good idea - to get rid of both the style attribute and the style element in HTML. Speaking of the language itself, we have a few different options, and we still have to discuss the various merits of attributes vs. elements for style declarations.

We have a rather long list of issues to solve to make this happen though, ranging for importation of stylesheet to the absolute need to build a filter able to groke CSS Stylesheets (as we know it today) and output its XMLized version.

It won't be easy and it certainly won't be fast but that's a major milestone in the life of CSS. Stay tuned!

Update: of course not serious.... check the date.