Thank you so much Microsoft

According to the IE blog, if you run XP and IE8beta1 and want to install XP SP3, you'd better revert to IE7 before and reinstall IE8b1 afterwards, but wait the same article says if you run XP and IE7 you'd better revert to IE6 before and reinstally IE7 afterwards... Very nice...


1. On Tuesday 6 May 2008, 09:38 by giz404

Une seule chose à dire ... OMFG !
Si ça c'est pas de l'incitation à switcher à Firefox !!

2. On Wednesday 7 May 2008, 01:23 by Anonymous

That's rather an unfair portrayal of the article. If you want to retain the ability to uninstall IE7 or IE8b1, then yes, you need to uninstall them prior to installing XPSP3. (It couldn't well be any other way, since the IE7 installer was run in a system without XPSP3 on it, so the backed-up copies of the dlls needed for IE6 won't be updated as XPSP3 runs. Pragmatically, tracking dll versions through every permutation of previously installed and subsequently uninstalled software versions is just not possible.) Otherwise, you're free to install XPSP3 without worrying about IE at all. And yes, if you've installed both IE7 over IE6 and then IE8b1 over IE7, then you'll want to uninstall both of them before installing the service pack.

3. On Wednesday 7 May 2008, 23:30 by Obi

J'ai IE 8b1 sur mon PC au taf et j'ai installé le SP3 sans probleme.
C'est justre que je peux pas revenir à IE 7.
De toutes facons, je n'utilise ni l'un ni l'autre, je suis développeur XUL :p
Donc : this news is no news