DiavoloI have a made a first XPI so you can test Diavolo, the source code editor for Mozilla, if you want. It's available from here, and adds a new menu entry "Diavolo Test" under the Tools menu. A few warnings:

  1. it's still very experimental ; can freeze on copy/paste and such things, that's absolutely normal, it's still a work in progress...
  2. the css grammar is not perfect yet and you'll notice a few errors that should not be reported.
  3. the associated stylesheet is not perfect yet so don't scream if some tokens remain black ; they _are_ detected, but they remain unstyled.
It's 100% JavaScript-based, as I said earlier in this blog. The comments on this article are allowed so feel free to drop a word if you have a comment, suggestion, report, ... /* Enjoy */

(Just for the record, I am myself using a FF3.0pre to test it)