I just read on cnn.com that Martha Stewart (yes, that Martha Stewart) was denied a UK visa because of her recent conviction. Ok guys, she served 5 months in prison for lying into a business-related investigation. Did she kill someone ? Did she plan terrorist acts in the UK ? Did she harass children ? Did she plan a coup d'état ? Is she planning to smuggle drugs in Britain ? Perhaps is she planning to steal the Crown's jewels in the Tower of London ? Ah ! I just don't care about the fate of Martha Stewart, but UK's attitude here is ridiculous.

Because at the same time, UK (just like Belgium) has a long track record of being a safe harbour for many fundamentalists, terrorists, and extremist predicators of all kinds including djihadists. The Blair administration faced the thruth only after the bombings in London. France warned the UK many times, and tried to obtain many times the extradition of the guy behind the Paris bombings, jailed in the UK ; until the London bombings, the UK had always refused to extradite him, for obscure reasons. People had to die to make the UK administration open its eyes.

Djihadists planning bombings in Europe ? Welcome. Martha Stewart ? No thanks. Well done UK.