I'm delighted to report that my Webchunks extension to Firefox was selected as a finalist for the New Add-On Grand Prize. Pencil, Tagmarks and HandyTag got the three Grand Prizes. I must say that I was 100% sure Pencil would get a Grand Prize. Pencil is an incredible app, superb, well done, and it clearly deserved a prize. There's one minor detail about it though : it's packaged as an extension to Firefox 3, but it's not an extension to Firefox3... it's really a standalone app using FF3 as an entry point ; Pencil probably deserves a xulrunner-based package. Anyway, the quality and usefulness of Pencil made it a natural winner for one of the three prizes, mucho congrats to Dương Thành An!!!

Let me play the chauvinist a bit to note that among the 3 winners of the New Add-On Grand Prize and the 6 runners-up, there are three french... That shows the vigour of the local Mozilla community here in France !