Julio Ernesto Lopez, webmaster of www.criticadigital.com, sent me yesterday a very interesting bug report about webchunks. It's very interesting because it's two bugs in one really, one for my Webchunks extension and one for IE8's implementation of Webslices. On my side, I was incorrectly disabling JavaScript in weslices in some cases and that led to problems with sites populating data from Ajax queries. It took me a few hours yesterday to correctly narrow the bug and find a fix. On IE8's side, I noticed a very visible difference between Webslices' "specification" and IE8's behaviour. I have pinged Microsoft about that. I'll tell you more when I have their reply.

So expect a new version of Webchunks to hit addons.mozilla.org in the coming days (addon review needed, it's not a trusted extension yet).