Google Chrome's extensibility

Yesterday I wrote:

they have Darin and Ben. I cannot believe they don't have chrome extensibility in mind, and I hope they have it also in the code...

Robert Accettura wrote:

Chrome API - The announcement mentioned plans for an extension API. Looking at the files it ships, it looks like almost all dll’s. Because of this I doubt we’ll see a method as simple as Firefox. Not sure how the interface is put together but it doesn’t look like anything as flexible as XUL, Boxely or XAML.

I think Robert has it wrong and I think Google Chrome is extensible,Google Chrome has a chrome-resource scheme for URIs. Try chrome-resource://inspector/inspector.html

One technical comment: Google Chrome's Document Inspector (and JS console) sucks up to 50% of CPU when it's raised. I guess it's observing all changes in the current document. But since pages live into different processes, there's probably a hack to do it and that hack is extremely expensive.

Oh and in case you missed that, Google Chrome is localized in 42 (42? that cannot be a coincidence:-) ) languages, the google web site is localized, the videos on youtube are localized (the fr-FR version released 27 august).


1. On Wednesday 3 September 2008, 10:28 by wolruf

I was especially amazed by this level of detail where screenshots are featuring the localized version for every single help page.
Good catch for the 42!

2. On Wednesday 3 September 2008, 11:07 by rzara

The webinspector is written (mostly) in html/css/js but is part of webkit.

3. On Wednesday 3 September 2008, 15:01 by enefekt

Noticed that chrome-resource:// scheme too.
Can't find any docs on it at the moment though.