I got the following comment on this blog and I wanted to reply in public:

You are just jealous of Chrome. Each post you makeabout Chrome just
reveals that. Get a grip on yourself, relax a bit. Firefox is not the
cool kid on the block anymore. Get used to it.

No I am not jealous of Chrome at all. Yes I am jealous of formers colleagues Ben and Darin who had the unbelievable chance to work on a new browser they authored from scratch (notable exception is the rendering engine...). Yes I want to understand exactly what Brin and Page have in mind with Chrome and I want to understand the market implications. Releasing a v1 is something. Making it a sustainable and innovative software for years is another one. I am proud - really proud - to be a Mozillian. That does not mean my brain is not allowed to analyze objectively the world I am living in.

Firefox is still the cool kid on the block and will remain the cool kid on the block at least for some time. And if Chrome wants to be the new cool kid on the block, it still has a long way to go. Even the Chrome team must know that.

Tha said, I found that post very funny. That's all. It does not imply anything about my personal opinion on Chrome.