People, I'm excited. Seriously. I spent only two hours and half on it yesterday night and here's the result.

  1. screenshot 1 visit a web site, here the San Jose Mercury News' home page
  2. screenshot 2 decide you want to subscribe to the main headline but hey the site is not Webchunks-/Webslices- enabled. No problem, just select with your mouse the block you want to subscribe to...
  3. screenshot 3 as usual you can modify the webchunk's title and hop! the entry appears in your toolbar
  4. screenshot 4 OOOH IT'S MAGIC, the webchunks's popup worked fine, the SJMN's web site still has no Webslice builtin and XPath is still a proof of existence of the devil !

The best part of it is the following one : Webchunks does not need Greasemonkey any more for that and it's so easy to subscribe to any part of any web page that even the sales director of your company could do it !!!

Oh wait, I think I forgot one small detail : IE8 is unable to do that for the time being :-) Can someone bring Ballmer a few more chairs please ?