Read It Later was exactly what I needed. A way to temporarily store URLS in a ToRead list instead of having a "ToRead" bookmarks foolder where bookmarks are pushed to but never popped from... I installed it and started immediately loving it. Well, until I discovered my ReadItLater list is by default - without asking me - saved on an external and unprotected web page.

feed in readitlater

First, even if I'm a bit paranoid, I certainly don't want an extension - whatever its kind and whoever is the author - to save my own data on an external web site without asking me permission first. ReadItLater authors have then access by default to the ToRead list of all ReadItLater users... The privacy policy of the extension reads:

If the RSS feed is turned on, your reading list will be sent to Read It Later servers

But that's clearly the problem : I never turned it on, it's on by default (I checked on two different machines) !!!

Second, the URL shown in the preferences is not password-protected at all. Anyone having a few seconds access to my computer will then know my feed URL and will have permanent access to my ToRead list.

I think ReadItLater is just breaking my privacy. That is not acceptable and I think ReadItLater should be removed from until a new version turns the RSS Feed off by default and prompts the user - with detailed information - about turning it on. I also think it's not acceptable to have the feed reachable w/o user/password authentication. That should be added to the preferences. The if you disable the feed in preferences, the online feed should be deleted, and it's not the case.

Sorry to be rough, but I just hate when data - and data about my personal interests and readings - are stolen from my computer. Because that's what happened here.