If you own a Sony laptop of the SZ series, you should know that your laptop could be hit by a common diseasehardware failure : first your touchpad starts going left when you move right, or top when you move down ; then the pointer gets mad, moving ten times faster than you really move, activating UI elements, placing the caret in a text, raising or iconifying windows even if you did not click any touchpad button ; then finally the touchpad mouse buttons stop working and sometimes the touchpad itself stops working. The touchpad is manufactured by Alps Electric. Hundreds of Vaio SZ laptop users (one of the many examples) had to send back laptop to Sony because of that bug. Still no word from Sony about a recall/free repair.

Uh ? Yes :-( I have a SZ2-XPC... And yes, my touchpad is almost dead, and it went through the three steps detailed above.