Leadshadow 2.0

It's not Silverlight, it's LeadShadow. Microsoft will announce Silverlight 2.0 on monday (although technically it's already announced since it's in the press...) and yep, that's correct, you got it : no-bo-dy ca-res. At all. Yet another big strategic error on Microsoft side. Microsoft should have worked on HTML5, SVG, CSS Transforms and Animations and other cool and open stuff instead. The only way to efficiently fight a proprietary format like Flash is using interoperable and open standards, not yet another technical jail for web authors. A few years ago I told Dean Hachamowitch, a very smart guy who is the general manager of the Internet Explorer team, the following "you have a mexican army* but that's not what you need, you need commandos". That's still true and Silverlight is the live proof of that fact. Let me say Microsoft is not disruptive enough, and I am not kidding at all.

*very old french expression meaning an army with a lot of generals, lots of useless organization but no real soldiers and strategy


1. On Monday 13 October 2008, 04:45 by Steve Anson

Thanks for your post. We have been very disappointed with Silverlight. In fact we abandoned it after learning that it cant interface with a number of third party applications we use.

Seems to me that whilst the demonstrations of what Silverlight can do are impressive, it's not yet a practical UI for many development projects.