Counter-productive icon policy in IE8

Webslices... Internet Explorer introduced Webslices and I found it cool enough to implement it as an extension to Firefox. I really thought Microsoft was interested in making this idea become mainstream but apparently, that's not the case...

Microsoft just changed the icon for WebSlices. Read here the policy about reusing their icon... Lame. I bet a manager and the Legal Department did not get it. Microsoft is driving the game here, they invented the thing. Microsoft users (hear web authors) are NOT going to invest time and energy in this technology if "alternate" browsers cannot see/use it. And it does make sense to have a single visual identity for this feature so USERS (or CUSTOMERS) recognize it easily.

But hey, that's now forbidden by the WebSlices icon policy, and it contradicts what the IE team told me a while ago about the original round blue icon.

Well done again, Microsoft. Will you ever learn?


1. On Monday 27 October 2008, 23:17 by Jane Kim [MSFT]

Hey Daniel, we created the guidelines with this scenario in mind- we definitely want to support applications using the icon to indicate Web Slice content.

Not sure how this was misinterpreted, but we plan to update the documentation to make this clearer. Thanks!

2. On Tuesday 28 October 2008, 05:23 by Jeremy Kane

I suppose it is anti-climatic after an Microsoft rep said that this was a mis-read, but I read the guidelines, and I don't see where it prohibits the use IN another application, though it does prohibit the use of it AS the application's icon or use within the application's icon. But beyond that, it doesn't say anything about not being allowed for use within another application, so long as it fits the requirements.

3. On Tuesday 28 October 2008, 08:45 by Daniel Glazman

Jane, please read better the license's wording : if using the icon in the viewport to signify a page is webslice-enabled is explicitely ok, it's impossible to infer from the current prose usage as a dialog or UI icon is allowed. Legally, an icon in a dialog *is* "an application icon", and that falls into the no-list. You probably meant "THE icon of an application" ? For the time being and with prose as is, it's just impossible to use your icon in the viewport AND in the chrome.
And implementors - like myself - are not going to use that icon with such a restriction.
On another note, the previous icon was not very intuitive but very nice ; this new icon is not very intuitive and really awful...
And I predict RSS-based webslices will die the day you guys introduce user-defined webslices just like I did in webchunks. So the relation to the RSS icon does not seem to me an excellent idea.

4. On Tuesday 28 October 2008, 17:22 by Chris Wilson [MS]

Please see Jeremy's interpretation above - that was what was intended. Obviously it wasn't worded clearly enough since you misinterpreted the intent, so we're getting it changed.