So Wikipedia got almost nine hundred thousand dollars to "to make it easier to use". Let me praise the Stanton Foundation for this great decision. My hopes are the following ones:

  1. hide entirely the ugly wiki syntax behind wysiwyg editable areas. The "contenteditable" attribute is now implemented in most browsers and there is no real reason why we still have to learn/use wiki syntax. Wiki syntax is one of the reasons why I don't author/edit a lot of documents in wikipedia or wikis in general. There are tons of cross-browser wysiwyg editing layers available out there.
  2. it should even be possible to edit the document in a structured way, with visibility of the section headings only on one hand, and the whole content on the other. Just play with CSS.
  3. make a list of wikipedia-specific "tags" bound to UI elements to insert predefined sections like TOC, warning mentions and so on.