HTML+CSS Templates Repositories

There are hundreds of sites with (X)HTML+CSS Free Templates waiting for you on the Web. Wait... I said "you" ? Well, "you" is correct but "them" is not. You are able to download, install and use such a template because you're a geek. Oh come on, if you read this blog and the current article, you must be a geek...

But your neighbour, your dad, your secretary is probably not a geek. He or she does not understand what's a ZIP package and what are precisely HTML and CSS. He or she wants a super-simple mechanism to load, install and use a template inside his/her favorite content editor.

And that's the point : it's not possible at this time! It's not possible because the hundreds of sites I mentioned above don't have a manifest of all the templates they serve.

The goal is simple:

  1. launch your favorite content editor
  2. open the templates manager
  3. add the URL of a repository manifest
  4. browse all the templates in the repository
  5. select, accept license, download, install, use, enjoy !

But for that, we need a manifest format simple enough so it's not a burden on templates authors' shoulders. I am proud to present (X)HTML+CSS Templates Manifest 1.0 format.

And of course, I'm implementing it in BlueGriffon, even if the format is totally independant from BlueGriffon. Other content editors could use it too. Hey it's a CC license after all. So if you are a templates provider and if you start offering such a manifest, please let me know if you want BlueGriffon to list your repository natively in 1.0.

Thanks !

Warning: minor edits still possible on the document ; always refer to the online version.


1. On Wednesday 7 January 2009, 19:53 by karl

Salut Daniel,

As tu essayé ou connaissais tu XTiger ?


2. On Wednesday 7 January 2009, 19:58 by Daniel Glazman

Oui, je connaissais ; c'est indépendant. Il serait intéressant d'utiliser XTiger pour la définition du template lui-même, mais ici je m'occupe surtout de l'accès au package du template lui-même.

3. On Wednesday 7 January 2009, 22:22 by Henrik Gemal

Hopefully you can get some of the big template sites out there to implement the Manifest into their files. That would be cool!