One of the big lacks in the editor is the impossibility to create a new table row above or below an existing one "inheriting" all styles from the original one. Attributes like align, style and others are currently not copied at all, and styling each newly inserted row is a painful repeated process. Pascal Chevrel filed bug 204589 about it and Laurent Jouanneau jumped on it since this is something we want for BlueGriffon.

Laurent has updated in his patch the code inserting a new row when you press the Tab key at the end of the last text node of the last cell in the table. But we have chosen to let other clients of this code (namely Thunderbird, Composer in Seamonkey, and BlueGriffon) decide if they want to update their UI (menubar and/or context menus) or not. The patch adds the new nsITableEditor::insertTableRowExt() and it should be pretty trivial to make the corresponding change to TB/SM/BG if you want or need it.