I was tagged by Gijs Kruitbosch...

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Seven facts:

  1. I enjoy my <head> but my <body> is another story
    1. salmonella and listeria at the same time in 1994, ended up in the surgery room after six months of pain,
    2. Legionnaire's disease in 1998, caught in Paris but emerged a few days later during a trip to Cleveland; it's a true miracle I did not end up at the hospital in emergency unit. After all, people die of that bug...
    3. a multi-resistant tropical bug, still unknown, in july 2003. When I called Netscape 2003-07-15 to hear I was let go, it was my first time out of the house and my first day without fever in 12 days.
    4. a strong bronchitis in december 2006, that only an old antibiotic that is not used any more could cure, Pristinamycine. Took me 6 months to really recover.
  2. my favorite chocolate is Leonidas's gianduja
  3. the last big "extended family" meeting on my mother'side before WW2 gathered more than 110 people. Eleven survived the war.
  4. I have visited Crete hitch-hiking with a friend of mine during three weeks in august 1990. I was so suntanned after those three weeks that when I went back to Paris, people looked at me strangely. I was dark-brown, really. Dravidian look.
  5. in 1988, with my first car a Ford Escort, I visited my family in Brussels and decided to push a bit further to Amsterdam. Visited the Red Light district when heavy rain started and I entered a very nice dutch beer bar to escape the rain. At the counter, I met a friendly and pretty french girl, about my age so roughly twenty years old at that time, soaked from hair to shoes because of the rain. We chatted around two beers until the rain stopped. But when I said "aaah the rain finally stopped, what do we do now?", she answered "whatever you want, for 50 guilders"... Hum. Lesson taken, never trust one's appearance in Amsterdam...
  6. in august 1986, french police arrested me and my best friend at the airport of Toulon on our way home to Paris because we both had a very long spoon in our backpack. They thought we were drug-addicts but these spoons were only a souvenir from the Kakabaria nightclub in Cavalère.
  7. I managed to mention 4th order tensors in the mail announcement I sent for the birth of my second son while at Netscape CPD...

Seven people who will share the burden with me :

  • Peter van der Beken, because Tristan and I started asking him to blog a bit far too many years ago
  • Kevin Lawver because Kevin writes very well
  • Paul Rouget because he just said over irc.mozilla.org#xulfr that nobody tagged him (yet)
  • Grey Hodge because the pinups on his blog are disturbing our coding abilities
  • Chris Wilson, because Mozillians are not alone in this world are they ?
  • Laurent Jouanneau, my colleague here at Disruptive Innovations
  • and finally the <CENSORED/> behind The Truth about Mozilla, because I find him/her so painful I'd like to know more about him/her and the reasons why he/she maintains that site.