Obama's blackberry

So MIcrosoft is saying that Obama's blackberry is a security risk. This is such a joke. Let me tell you a true story about Microsoft Windows... A true story that did not happen to a third party but happened to me...

A few years ago, I was in Seattle for a CSS WG meeting hosted by Microsoft in Redmond. Like most of the CSS WG members, I was statying in a motel. Wifi did not exist at that time. Hotel rooms did not have ethernet access either. We relied on modem access (Hixie, that's the meeting when I told you "you're too young and fanatic and I was the same a few years ago", was it 1998 ?).  I used my laptop's internal modem to reach Electricité de France's network, retrieved my email, replied to urgent messages, and disconnected everything. I checked twice that the connection was dropped. Then I called my wife. And I heard that beeeeeeeptrrrrrtrtrtr that is so specific of a modem connection in the phone. I noticed I left my laptop's phone link connected and I immediately disconnected it. My phone was connected to something. Something was stealing data from my computer. When I came back to EDF R&D campus, I paid a little visit to the local security adviser and told him about this. He laughed. He laughed a lot. I still remember his words  "come on, you're so naive, we all know about that... Never trust again Microsoft Windows and a phone or internet connection in a hotel in the US, ok?".

And Obama 's blackberry is unsecure because it's canadian ? BWAHAHAHAHA !!!!!