It's really hard to surprise me with software. I rarely let go a sonic "wow" when I see something new, unless it's really amazing. The iPhone and its Application Store made me say "wow". Pencil, the extension to Firefox that won the Extend Firefox 3 prize, made me say "wow". A web site allowing to see a remote windows desktop and share data made me say "wow".

I spent most of the last eighteen years of my life working on editors. Markup editors, content editors, source editors. Editors. And a few days ago came Bespin. So I looked at it with a sharp eye, took my time to forge an opinion. And that opinion is the following one : WOW.

A text editor entirely built on canvas is not only a true piece of art, but also a breakthrough in our UI world. If you think you heard me think "disruptive innovation", you are right. Bespin and its canvas-based editor are going to change the way we see editors on one hand, canvas and HTML on the other. I hope the canvas-based text editor in Bespin is going to become a standalone "embeddable" component of its own, with a clean and complete API. In other words, a Mozilla product, Bespin being another Mozilla product built ontop of it.

Ok, ok, it's only a 0.1.1 :-) But it's so promising that I have to repeat it: WOW.

So my sincere congrats to the authors. You rock.