Mozilla MAOW Berlin

I'll be in Berlin the 28th of March for next MAOW, giving two talks. First one about your first XULrunner project, the second one about Extensions and Business opportunities with Extensions... Paul Rouget asked me to make that second talk, I quote, exciting, end of quote. I am then happy to let you know that Paul's and William's current mission (I have IRC logs to prove it) is to find four pretty girls to dance on stage during my talk. Paul himself will demonstrate his juggling abilities with four linux-based netbooks while William will fly in zebra-style clothes over the stage attached to a toggle rope. Thank you so much Paul and William, it's going to be really exciting, much better than Tristan in pink tutu at JDLL 2004 :-)


1. On Thursday 5 March 2009, 15:11 by Brian King

Looking forward to seeing that!

2. On Sunday 15 March 2009, 23:30 by mig


I'd love to hear your 'Business opportunities with Extensions' talk, but Berlin is far. Not sure i can do it. BTW, are your talks in German or English ?