Almost everything has now been moved over to (or replaced by) the XUL Content at the Mozilla Developer Center.

AAAAARGGGGHHHHHH !!!! Xulplanet was considerably faster to reach than devmo for a lot of people in Europe, including myself. Even if xulplanet was a bit outdated, it was also styled in a much more readable way than devmo. Devmo is nice and editable, xulplanet was practical and fast. Sigh...


1. On Monday 23 March 2009, 13:24 by Nickolay Ponomarev


Willing to try posting something constructive to the MDC discussion list?

I tried writing some constructive points, but never got anything done due to personal issues.

It would be great if MDC was fixed though...

2. On Monday 23 March 2009, 17:06 by johnjbarton


I tried some not-very constructive posts to MDC list. I think more is a waste of time, but I'd love to be wrong.

3. On Tuesday 24 March 2009, 07:10 by anotherjesse

I live in the bay area and I still prefer XulPlanet as well. It is faster and easier to read here as well!