I spent the last two months coding a new app I have briefly demoed in Berlin this week-end during MAOW. It's a microblogging+geolocation+database client I am implementing for Pages Jaunes, and it's time to give out a few details about it.


On the microblogging side, it's a very cool twitter/identi.ca client that does everything you would want from a cool twitter/identi.ca client. Of course, it shows the threads inline (i.e. you can follow in_reply_to fields w/o opening a new tab or window). I am myself not using the twitter web site or another twitter client any more. Eating my own dog food, certainly. But I like my app.

On the map's side, it's powered by OpenStreetMap through an OpenLayers layer.

On the geolocation's side, it's powered by Skyhook's SDK for wifi-based geolocation and Geocoder for the resolution of addresses.

And we have a huge database of all the bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs in Paris with a lot of detailed information.

But it won't be only a tool allowing you to find a dining spot, it will be much more than that, and you'll love it. Stay tuned !

PS: yes, it's based on XULrunner... :-)