Moving on

I am resigning from the CSS WG. Chris Wilson from Microsoft who is already the co-chairman of the HTML WG will take up my cochair's role in the CSS WG too. With the two most proeminent languages of the Web chaired by a representative of Microsoft, I am sure the Web will evolve into a more standards-compliant way, for the greatest benefit of all. I just learned that Chris also accepted to chair the XHTML2 Working Group. Unity, unity, that's excellent. Now, we can come up with a single 3,231 pages spec that covers the whole Web. Great news, folks !


1. On Wednesday 1 April 2009, 20:36 by christophe

Aprils fools? At least I hope so.
I am not going to quote my first reaction which was quite impolite...

2. On Wednesday 1 April 2009, 20:41 by Steve Fish (from April corp)


3. On Wednesday 1 April 2009, 21:14 by Kurt

This better be an April Fool's joke!

4. On Wednesday 1 April 2009, 23:15 by Wow

Good April Fool's joke. No hint, no smiley, and some guy almost believed it for a second.

5. On Thursday 2 April 2009, 00:18 by bielawski

Good joke. I almost had a panic attack.

6. On Thursday 2 April 2009, 07:10 by nmb
7. On Thursday 2 April 2009, 10:16 by Laurentj

Mince, j'y ai cru 5 secondes à ton truc, jusqu'à ce que je lise les commentaires. En lisant ça le 2 avril aussi... :-)

8. On Friday 3 April 2009, 01:47 by Kelly Clowers

I was behind on my feeds, and came across this today (the 2nd) and thought it was real. You just about gave me a heart attack!