Microsoft updated the Webslices specification, and my Webchunks extension now fails on the more recent Webslices-enabled web sites. I am going to update my code to match their spec and improve the feature set:

  • toolbar button in the main toolbar allowing to show/hide the Webchunks toolbar and showing if a webchunk was updated or expired,
  • webslices' data will be cached, in conformance with the spec,
  • my current code uses XPath and I am fed up with that big complex piece of crap since the power of the very simple and readable CSS Selectors is available through the Selectors API in Firefox 3.5. I think my new code will run on FF3.5 only.

A few things still puzzle me in the light and often underspecified Webslices "specification". Handling of styles is for instance rather badly specified, and what happens in IE8 seems to be sometimes different from the spec. The extensions to RSS and Atom formats using the mon namespace are also badly specified. I sent Microsoft a mail proposing that we write a real specification together, something well written, self-standing, with a cool-URI-that-does-not-change. No answer so far.

Stay tuned...