The following screenshot represents exactly two days and a half of work, not more... It's based on xulrunner, and it's cross-platform. Don't look at the name, it's only a codename used to build the project.

my new twitter app

What's in there so far:

  • multiple accounts, twitter and
  • single sign-on
  • multiple folders (and subfolders) per account
  • trash
  • automatic or manual retrieval of tweets
  • drag and drop of messages between folders
  • limit the list of tweets to the n last tweets or view all
  • tabs
  • external (default browser) or internal (tab) viewing of links
  • all is based on an SQLite database so all your tweets are belong to you, meaning you can deal with your already stored tweets being offline and prepare for instance replies that you'll send later...
  • filters to automatically manage your timeline when new tweets appear
  • and of course add-ons...