Four weeks and a half ago, I started a standalone, xulrunner-based, twitter client. I worked only on week days, and had to remain away from the computer during almost three days because of a strong cold. I just cannot believe I implemented so many features in that app in so little time. My app should be ready for 1.0 on Mac OS X by the end of the week (for other platforms, please stay tuned, I need to polish UI first...).

But I did not want to write that blog post to write about my app, I only wanted to repeat again how powerful and great the Mozilla xulrunner platform is. Used in conjunction with all the great features in Gecko, it allows really fast prototyping and development. Honestly, it's wonderful. If you have to code in a cross-platform fashion, with all the power of a great standards-compliant rendering engine, think Mozilla xulrunner.