I have carefully read Alexander Limi's proposal for resource packages. Good idea with potential very tangible results (that's something that ol'timers like me have seen many times proposed in other flavors during the last eighteen years) but with a major side issue : individual resources are not reachable by a single URL any more and I think it just breaks the Web as we know it. The wrong key here is that if you're not inside an HTML document holding the new proposed link element, you just can't reach the individual resources only through a URL. I don't want individual resources on the Web to be hidden inside jars. There is also a warning bell ringing in my head about password-protected zips holding resource packages and I don't want to see that happen ; maybe I'm just pessimistic here but I tend to follow my intuition and listen to this kind of warning bells...

So I think a better idea would be a new URL scheme like the following one (don't focus on the syntax since I'm only thinking at loud here, try to understand the idea behind please...)


Then you don't need a link element to declare the package and each resource remains individually reachable even outside of an HTML document. Furthermore, the browser can cache the downloaded resource after first access so you still need only one access. In other terms, the good sides of Alexander's proposal minus its bad side effects, IMHO. I understand this is bad for legacy browsers since they won't reach the resources if they have a new form of URL they don't groke ; maybe we can find a fallback mechanism that resolves that issue... But I really think that we should preserve access to individual objects inside zips even outside of an HTML document.