Apple's culture of secrecy is famous. It serves its projects, its marketing, its brand, its market position. Everything is so secret that rumor sites are rarely wrong :-) So Apple is apparently going to release a tablet device next year. A few thoughts about it, unordered, unfiltered, written as they come to my mind:

  • I have absolutely no opinion on a larger and more powerful iPod Touch. I am not sure to be interested myself. I not even sure the market needs it, in particular if it has an on-screen keyboard. Oh sure, Apple fans will buy one... But my jeans' pockets are too small for a 10" device and my backpack already contains a macbookpro.
  • given the position of such a "nettablet" on the market, between portable devices like phones and pods and laptops, I am scared to death by the App Store... Don't misunderstand me, I love the Application Store because it changed the model, it made a lot of things easier than they used to be. But at the same time, the App Store is locking down the market and forcing app vendors to sell and distribute through Apple and only Apple. That is a strong monopoly. And in my opinion a dangerous one. Given how Apple is filtering apps that appear on the App Store, given the time needed to make an app appear there, given the limitations of a single catalog of thousands of apps when you view it from a portable device with a small screen, I can barely accept it on my telephone but I won't accept it on my computer. I do NOT want to be forced to acquire applications for any of my computers through one single filtering channel. If you consider Apple's App Store, it's rather hilarious to see Apple engineers call for openness in W3C working groups :-)
  • on another note, I'd love to have an apple mac os x "netbook shell" to insert my iPhone into ; that would have a 10" screen, a real keyboard and a touchpad and would use my iPhone as cpu/hd... that would be seriously disruptive on the market, and probably a hit.