Kozlika wants to shut down her twitter account and delete all her existing twits. That's not that simple to make. So I spent a few cycles this morning to write a light xulrunner-based app doing it. Warning, you must have Firefox 3.0++ to use it.

  1. download BlackHole's package
  2. unzip it where you want, and locate the application.ini file
  3. read this page to learn how to start a xulrunner app from Firefox 3
  4. launch BlackHole as recommended
  5. enter your twitter or identi.ca account and password
  6. set the number of twits to retrieve (max 200...)
  7. Click on the Get My Twits button
  8. select the twits to delete
  9. delete...
  10. re-click on the Get My Twits button if needed
Warning, Twitter has a hourly rate limit...

/* Enjoy */