That's not my own title but the title of an article published by TUAW earlier today. I could not agree more. Let me tell you a short story. That story involves a geek (me) and his two sons (10.5 and 8 years old) just a week ago:

  • step 1, the geek buys his first game (Cocoto Kart Racer) on his iPhone 2G, just to check how cool and powerful the platform is; it's the first one because the geek is not interested in gaming any more
  • step 2, the kids come back home and find their dad playing on his iPhone
  • step 3, the kids let go a sonic "wow, this is better than Mario Kart because you don't need the buttons"
  • step 4, the kids ask how much the game costs, the geek replies 0.79€, the kids compare to the price of their console games, remain speachless and finally decide "I want an Iphone or an Ipod Touch"

The Apple AppStore is going to partly destroy or at least drastically reshape this industry. 30-50€ for a console game is often far too expensive. But 0.79€ is clearly too cheap. You'll need dozens of thousands of sales to survive. That's scary. And it does not touch games only...