A new version of Webchunks is in the pipe. A much better one...

  • almost rewritten from scratch
  • sync across browser windows
  • conformance with the last "specification" of Microsoft Webslices (I have spent the last 19 years of my life in various standardization committees and I am glad and proud I never released a "specification" THAT bad...) if you except the window.external calls that require work in Gecko itself.
  • cleaner and nicer UI
  • resizable panels (with forthcoming Firefox 3.7... I still have to find a workaround for 3.5, unfortunately)
  • hideable toolbar with one main-toolbar button changing color when a webchunk is updated or expires (integration with Places was really not an option in a reasonable timeframe, Places being not enough open/extensible)
  • context-click to edit webchunks' properties
  • "Create your own webchunk in the page" now based on CSS Selectors and not XPath any more
  • more demo sites

If you have a suggestion of feature for Webchunks, that's the right time and the right place to do it. Please add a comment !