No, it's not the title of the last Christmas movie with Jim Carrey. It's unfortunately a more concrete and painful topic. I won't blame Joe here. I've said many times that the way Apple manages its AppStore is ridiculous. But it's also scary. The forthcoming Apple Tablet (whatever its real name, a friend of mine saw 3 different prototypes) is said to run iPhoneOS and not the regular Mac OS X. Then very high probability of an AppStore... For the first time in modern history of computers, an appliance that will live more in the computer world than in the handheld world will not be able to install software bought/installed _directly_ from third-parties. Apple will control all apps installed on your "computer". I call that a too drastic reduction of user's freedom of choice, I call that a move similar to a democracy going back to autocracy. This is something that _must not_ happen on my computer.

I find it bitterly amusing that Apple is following the path Microsoft took roughly 12 years ago : control, lock, patent, fight. It's a strong disappointment to see Apple forgot its Apple ][ was successful because things were hackable and copyable. Hackability and copyability are keys to success too.