Step 1:

Dear add-on author,

You're receiving this message because one or more of your add-ons has been
removed from the trusted add-on list. This is part of an ongoing effort to
tighten security on AMO and improve add-on quality. Close to 100 add-ons
have been removed from the list, and obtaining trusted status will be much
harder in the future.
Jorge Villalobos
Add-ons Developer Relations Lead, Mozilla

Step 2:


There's a question I've been asked so much, that I think it deserves some
clarification for everyone: "Why was my add-on removed from trusted status?".
I realize now that I was to vague in my initial message. I apologize for that.

The answer is pretty much the same for everyone.

Trusted status was previously handed out on a basis of merit. If you deserved
trusted status (for being an outstanding member of the community, for having
a good relationship with Mozilla, for creating a really good add-on, etc),
you got it. This lead to the trusted list to become very large and hard to

Now the trusted status will only be given on a basis of need. None of the
reasons mentioned above are sufficient to get trusted status. You will only
be considered if you can prove a *need* for instant updates. I removed all
add-ons that didn't appear to have that need.
Jorge Villalobos
Add-ons Developer Relations Lead, Mozilla

Ah. My reaction stands in one word only : Grrrrrrrr... I don't mind having my new extensions not trusted since they are new, but un-trusting an already existing and trusted extension is just a pain - for authors and also users even if not millions of users - and, to tell the truth, quite unfair.