View trash in OS X finder's sidebar

I noticed you can't reach the contents of the trash from the Finder unless you open directly the Trash clicking on its icon. But there's a rather simple way to see it in all Finder windows: first, use a tool like OnYx to show hidden files and directories (Parameters > Finder > Show hidden files and directories), then open the Finder, go to your home directory and drag the .Trash directory onto your sidebar. Click on the Trash icon in your dock. Click on the trash icon in the toolbar of the window and copy it with Cmd-C. Right-click on your .Trash entry in the sidebar and select the menu to show the details of the file. Click on the icon at the top of the information window (just below the titlebar) and paste the Trash icon using Cmd-V. Don't rename the folder... Use OnYx again to go back to the former state of the Finder with hidden files and dirs really hidden (if that's what you prefer). Done.

There's a minor nit: you don't see the "Empty trash" button.