I'm disappointed. This is not exactly what I expected.

  • iPhone OS and not Mac OS X ; sorry I don't want something that should be used in my daily life as a computer to be locked to the Apple App Store. I was expecting a flavor of Mac OS X able to run iPhone apps.
  • no camera mentioned and no front camera mentioned ; monumental fail IMHO
  • no mention of voice over 3G or SMS; given that carriers here in Europe always exclude VoIP from their dataplans, ooops.
  • no multitasking at all; will be a problem for Instant Messenging and other networking apps; this lack is just ridiculous.
  • iWork has a very bad I18N track record ; it just sucks on complex character sets and rtl
  • I love too much books to use an ebook reader; I'm not interested in iBooks at all. The books I really loved are carefully stored in my library and wait for my sons to be old enough to read them. Electronic books I buy today will be unreadable in 20 years from now. For me, that's pure gadget even if it's a real market.
  • newspaper in A4 format; ah. I read newspaper at my preferred bar or in the subway and I don't want to be a target for thiefs. The Canard Enchaîné is not online anyway.
  • of course, since it's iPhone OS and apps come from the AppStore, it's Safari only. Sorry but I don't buy that. On a large screen, I want to use the browser of my choice and I want an extensible browser.
  • I rarely play computer games.
  • no AdobeFlash. Even if it's unfortunate to have the web partly rely on that, missing Flash in a web browser is a major fail.
  • no SD slot; you need an adapter to read a SD card !!! #epicfail, just to make sure it's hard to extend your iPad's memory with a cheap SD. What a shame...
  • the keyboard dock is neat, but take a closer look at it, the keyboard is too close to the screen... Apparently the iPad must be docked in portrait mode, and not landscape... Another fail IMHO. Fortunately Bluetooth may help here.
  • no digital tv tuner; oh come on... So many phones in Japan, even the cheap ones, have one...
  • The keyboard does not impress me that much
  • My jeans don't have 10" wide pockets...

Overall I'm not in ecstasy in front of that iPad. It's not well enough connected or open to the world (3G Voice, SMS, SD/SDHC), it's again a closed locked software world. Basically, it's an iPod Touch on steroids with (optional) 3G data. For the price of a powerful laptop. Bleh.

Update: VoIP apps now permitted on iPhone and iPad !


1. On Wednesday 27 January 2010, 22:05 by David

So true, so good to read...

2. On Wednesday 27 January 2010, 22:07 by Nico

Oui, c'est beaucoup trop fermé, ça n'a pas grand intérêt, c'est juste un plus grand iPod. Un Mac OS X adapté aurait en effet été bien mieux.

Le seul point positif pour les e-books, c'est le format choisi, EPUB, un standard ouvert.

Sinon, tout reste bien trop verrouillé.

3. On Wednesday 27 January 2010, 22:14 by scelerat1984

Where is the camera ?

Orange boss always fail too

4. On Wednesday 27 January 2010, 22:25 by Sylvain

The Kindle lets me read books where I and how I like to read books. I very much doubt an LCD screen will allow for comfortable reading outside on a summer day. So if books is the new cool app here, it's disappointing.

Now to be fair, the expectations were super high. You can only pull off a Mac or an iPod or an iPhone every so often. It's already mind-boggling that all three came from the same company...with the boss going off to do this Pixar thing somewhere in the middle.

So I guess we can blame it on him: he's spoiled us :)

5. On Wednesday 27 January 2010, 22:25 by Florent V.

I agree on most points. The one i don’t care about is the lack of a camera. First, i own a DSLR camera, so i don’t feel the need for lenses on my phone or tablet or laptop or watch or shoes. Second, i doubt a camera would be useful on a 10" device. Holding an iPad to take a picture would be a pain.

6. On Wednesday 27 January 2010, 22:52 by MSap

30" Apple Cinema Display

I'm disappointed. This is not exactly what I expected.

- too big for my small coffee table to surf on facebook on my couch
- it has no speakers !! #epicfail
- i can't extend the display with another row of cheap transistors
- the display is just a display, i can't install my own software without another device, major fail


7. On Thursday 28 January 2010, 00:44 by César Acebal

I understand you, Daniel, because I felt more or less like you after the presentation. But, later, thinking carefully about this gadget... hmm, I'm not so sure. In fact, when I bough my iPhone, yest, it was cool, had an excellent usability, and so forth, but... wasn't it a mobile phone, after all? Now, though, I think it's the device that has surprised me most (and still does), and I don't need even know what other mobile phones are appearing on the market: I know I'm not going to change. Why? I'm not sure. I'd say that is because its applications and, above all, because of the user experience it provides to me.

And... if they have done something similar with the iPad and we don't know yet? ;) I think that the mix of size, tactile screen, etcetera, can open the door to new applications and usage scenarios that we are not probably able to imagine now.

Thinking of me, there are two situations for which I think that the iPad could worth its price:

1) Digital newspapers and magazines. I would like to subscribe to digital editions, not PDF nor web editios, but applications *specifically formatted*, written and thought for the device, where pictures are not probably pictures but videos, and things like that. They would be downloaded at night and I could read then on the train, or drinking a coffe at a bar.

2) For the one-week ski trips I do, as long as I can transfer the photos and videos from my camera to the iPad, to see, edit and upload them, I could get rid of carrying on my MacBook Pro: the iPad would do the job for me, but better (I'm assuming I'm not going to have to programme, of course). ;) In addition, I could take with me to drink a beer at the hotel reception and browse the web, read the mail, etc., while I wait for dinner, for example (yes, you can do it with the MacBook or the iPhone, but it's not the same in neither case).

So for me, I think it could probably serve as a substitute for Kindle + netbook (I don't have either of both yet).

Appart from that, I agree with most of your comments. ;)

8. On Thursday 28 January 2010, 09:16 by Christophe

Good analysis Daniel as usual but for me the question is more what is the use of a tablet in general.

I am sure there will be a lot of Apple fan to say Steve jobs is so much a genius: yes he is a great man and has good teams but for me iPad= ipatrata

Kind Regards

9. On Thursday 28 January 2010, 10:40 by benf

And no USB port at all !

10. On Thursday 28 January 2010, 10:49 by Twan

Pour la TV vivement que le DVB-H se généralise !

que ce soit dans les appareils mobiles ou bien sur la couverture ...


11. On Thursday 28 January 2010, 18:13 by Jean Lespinasse

Plutôt de l'avis de César Atebal. Comme pour l'iPhone ce sont les applis qui feront l'outil. J'en vois une qui n'existe nulle part, même sur un ordinateur standard, du moins avec cette ergonomie. Souvenons nous de la démo du dessin avec le doigt…

Un éditeur de partitions. OK il faut un stylet, mais ça existe pour iPod-Phone. On place les notes sur la portée, les liaisons, les indications de nuances etc. On plaque les accords, on écrit la ligne de basse… Comme les musiciens aiment le faire au crayon. Ensuite le truc vous le joue… Vous pouvez aussi le poser sur un pupitre pour lire, car c'est plus petit et plus léger qu'un laptop, avec un métronome, les tournes sont automatiques, vous trimballez votre bibliothèque de partoches avec vous… C'est léger. Des milliers qui en rêvent.

On inventera un tas d'autre usages. Ça n'est pas un laptop claqué dans une tablette comme l'ont déjà fait les autres. Très bien vu. Et ça va bonifier avec le temps… Killer device !

12. On Friday 29 January 2010, 11:59 by Pierre

The way I see it, the iPad has only one major flaw. It's a hardware flaw because all the software flaws will obviously be fixed over time either by Apple or by 3rd-parties:
- iPhone OS will become multitask, I hope before the end of the year with OS 4.0.
- VoIP apps are allowed now.
- SMS and voice service through BlueTooth headset will come soon enough (+ tethering for iPhone users who don't want to pay a double data plan with the iPad 3G).
- The immense majority of books, magazines and newspapers will be available within a couple of years and it will be so convenient that people won't ever go back to paper (Daniel, don't forget to give your kids your collection of CDs and LPs together with your library).
- TV shows and video news will appear also, thanks to the iTunes store and your credit card on file. Wouldn't you pay $7/month to get a best-of-TV, or 10 cents an hour to watch CNN, for instance?

No, for me the big flaw is the absence of front camera. With the soon-to-come multitask OS, plus an always-on instant-messaging and a video chat, this thing would have gone absolutely viral in high-schools, colleges and universities (and, heck, even at the office and in families). Imagine a device than contains all your schoolbooks, all your homework (thanks iWork), all your games and music: it's already cool enough and that's what the iPad is. Now imagine if the same device allowed you to open a desktop-quality video-chat with a buddy while doing your homework, watching the same TV show, going crazy on a MMOG, or getting bored in the classroom. That's viral.

Apple lost a big opportunity here.

13. On Friday 29 January 2010, 12:36 by Jean

@ Pierre

D'abord rien ne dit qu'un capteur n'arrive sur de prochaines versions, mais surtout je ne pense pas que cela soit ergonomiquement pertinent. L'iPad est faite pour être tenue à la main. Posée sur une table elle ne capterait que le plafond et on doit fatiguer très vite à tenir à bout de bras — afin d'éviter le gros plan très laid —, un cadrage imparfait et tremblant pendant qu'on assure un video-chat avec ses potes — agrémenté de petits messages texte ? — surtout s'il faut en même temps se taper les devoirs qu'on a à faire à la maison.

On est pas des pieuvres :-)

Ce truc a été pensé pendant des années et croyez bien qu'Apple a étudié cette opportunité. C'est du moins mon avis.

14. On Sunday 31 January 2010, 22:18 by Mathias

Daniel, l'iPad est le contraire d'un ordinateur pour les geeks, donc vos commentaires sont hors-sujet...


15. On Sunday 7 February 2010, 09:10 by jeff

ipad mal à s'faire du bien !
j'adore l'ipad; on en a fait un site,
le site 100 % ipad 0% geek