I'm disappointed. This is not exactly what I expected.

  • iPhone OS and not Mac OS X ; sorry I don't want something that should be used in my daily life as a computer to be locked to the Apple App Store. I was expecting a flavor of Mac OS X able to run iPhone apps.
  • no camera mentioned and no front camera mentioned ; monumental fail IMHO
  • no mention of voice over 3G or SMS; given that carriers here in Europe always exclude VoIP from their dataplans, ooops.
  • no multitasking at all; will be a problem for Instant Messenging and other networking apps; this lack is just ridiculous.
  • iWork has a very bad I18N track record ; it just sucks on complex character sets and rtl
  • I love too much books to use an ebook reader; I'm not interested in iBooks at all. The books I really loved are carefully stored in my library and wait for my sons to be old enough to read them. Electronic books I buy today will be unreadable in 20 years from now. For me, that's pure gadget even if it's a real market.
  • newspaper in A4 format; ah. I read newspaper at my preferred bar or in the subway and I don't want to be a target for thiefs. The Canard Enchaîné is not online anyway.
  • of course, since it's iPhone OS and apps come from the AppStore, it's Safari only. Sorry but I don't buy that. On a large screen, I want to use the browser of my choice and I want an extensible browser.
  • I rarely play computer games.
  • no AdobeFlash. Even if it's unfortunate to have the web partly rely on that, missing Flash in a web browser is a major fail.
  • no SD slot; you need an adapter to read a SD card !!! #epicfail, just to make sure it's hard to extend your iPad's memory with a cheap SD. What a shame...
  • the keyboard dock is neat, but take a closer look at it, the keyboard is too close to the screen... Apparently the iPad must be docked in portrait mode, and not landscape... Another fail IMHO. Fortunately Bluetooth may help here.
  • no digital tv tuner; oh come on... So many phones in Japan, even the cheap ones, have one...
  • The keyboard does not impress me that much
  • My jeans don't have 10" wide pockets...

Overall I'm not in ecstasy in front of that iPad. It's not well enough connected or open to the world (3G Voice, SMS, SD/SDHC), it's again a closed locked software world. Basically, it's an iPod Touch on steroids with (optional) 3G data. For the price of a powerful laptop. Bleh.

Update: VoIP apps now permitted on iPhone and iPad !