A photo of me taken during Netexplorateur Forum last year ended up on Flickr. I can live with a photo of me, taken by someone who had the right to take it, ending up on a web site. But that photo under CC was reused by someone else (someone I don't know at all) and included in a public slideshow. And that, I disagree with, at least w/o my authorization. The whole process is rotten here. I never gave any kind of formal authorization for that.

The fact is photo is reusable - but only the photographer decided it, I never said it myself - does not mean the law applying to the photo does not apply any more. In particular, and according to the french law applying to the photo of a french citizen taken by another french citizen on french soil (hey it was even inside the French Senate's building!), the rights I own on my personal image are imprescriptible and no use of my image can be done w/o my authorization. The photo was taken by an acquaintance of mine and that was not a problem. I did not know the photo ended up as CC.

My image is mine, and I'll make sure to keep it mine in the future.