I'm not even sorry to be the disruptive voice in a concerto of loud bravos... The forthcoming "browser ballot screen" that will shortly hit 190 million MSIE users is not only stupid, it's a shame as it is. It's stupid and a shame as it is because there is no way a non-techie user can make a choice in front of such a screen.

Seriously, can you imagine the reaction of those 190 million ? At least one half have no idea what a "browser" is. The software with the blue "e" is "The Internet". Put yourself in the position of such a user for a second : you're a __total__ noob; you started using IE ages ago, never heard of the other browsers, never saw the Google Chrome ad in the subway of Paris because you don't live there; suddenly, the Internet displays a page with choices and you never heard of these software; even better, the description is so light you're totally unable to make a choice; and what is it about after all, why do I need to make a choice since IT WORKED UNTIL 10 MINUTES AGO?!? Why the hell do I need to download or install something? Is that dangerous? Is my computer under attack? I can imagine my own dad in front of such a ridiculous choice: he would call me immediately on the phone, totally lost.

I also imagine the load of hotlines at ISPs, Microsoft and corporations the day that ballot screen appears. HEEEEELP, I THINK I HAVE A VIRUS !!!!

The European Commission made a ridiculous choice forcing this ballot screen.The European Commission made a ridiculous choice designing this ballot screen. The European Commission should not have addressed this before addressing the forced sales of Windows with new computers, the forced sales of OS X with Macs, the impossibility to install Mac OS X onto non-Apple computers, and should have forced Apple to also implement the same browser ballot screen because of Safari.

The Browser Ballot Screen as it is was not the right solution to implement and we now have unfortunately to live with it. For the masses, pinging the journalists and the bloggers asking to spread the word will not help because these people are just not reachable. The Browser Ballot Screen will place them in front of an undecidable choice and I don't understand why nobody says it loud and clear.

I can live with it, I can't support it because I can't support counter-productivity completely neglecting the reaction of the user himself/herself.