Yes, sincere congrats. Well done. The second beta preview of IE9 implements all of CSS 3 Selectors. It even implements (without a -ms-* prefix :-( Microsoft has really a problem with vendor prefixes...) the ::selection pseudo-element. It passes all my own Selectors test. It's even said to pass 100% of the Selectors Test Suite (an Implementation Report would be useful here, please) ! Wooohooo !!! For the record, former versions of IE were so bad at that Test Suite that adding them to the Implementation Report was pointless.

This is not only good news for IE9, it's good news for the whole Web. Microsoft is putting so much energy and "new" features inside IE9 that it's going to be a major incentive to drop former versions of IE and move to v9.

One (big) nit though: IE9 is only available for Vista and 7... While zillions of users, and in particular corporations, still use XP and don't plan to drop it any time soon. The unavailability of IE9 on XP will be a (big) slowdown factor to the obsolescence of IE6, 7 and 8. And I don't like that. I don't care about the tech reasons for that (graphics hardware acceleration bla bla), I don't like that at all. Un rendez-vous manqué.