More than 5 years and a half ago, I was calling for a CSS revolution and listed 12 things that were in my opinion absolutely needed for the future of the Web. Let's see where we are now wrt those 12 things:

  1. authors need a new version of CSS
    CSS3 is on track and it percolates into author stylesheets every day. It's unfortunately not a "version" but still a "level"
  2. calc()
    standardized and implemented
  3. inline-blocks
    standardized and implemented
  4. position an element relatively to any other element
    not done yet despite some interest
  5. columns
    standardized and implemented
  6. vertically center an element w/o hack
    hmmm... no, still not that simple especially for an arbitrary height of the element
  7. flex box model
    proposal on the table
  8. scale image backgrounds and need to apply filters to images
    first part standardized and implemented, second part currently discussed
  9. better printing
    in progress
  10. constants
    not done yet
  11. better I18N
    in progress
  12. scoped stylesheets in CSS
    not done yet

Not bad, to say the least...