(this message is posted with my CSS WG Co-chair hat on)

Yes, we need you. CSS 2.1 is a complex specification, and it has roughly 20,000 HTML4 and XHTML1 tests in its Test Suite. To make the document move from Candidate Recommendation to Proposed Recommendation, we need to show that each and every test in that Test Suite is passed by at least two different implementations. And that's where you can help :

if you have a few spare cycles and are able to test a few hundreds or thousands of the tests in the Test Suite with the latest version (see below) of Opera, Firefox4beta, IE or WebKit, please help us focusing on the least tested tests or the ones that have only 0 or 1 passing implementation.

The results are agregated into a database. Thanks a lot for your help!

Builds to be tested (and only those ones please):