Honestly, I ended up in the wrong hotel, a Hilton Hotel next to the Congress Center in the Cité Internationale in Lyon, a hotel that does not qualify for the "cheap and affordable" category, based on the regular room price (365 € !!!! but I paid far less than that...).

Internet connectivity ? 22 € per day. Yep, that's roughly $29 !!! They have a "special" price, 88 € for the week, that's roughly $115 ! Oh, forgot to mention that's their "business" price, they also have an "economy" price: only 17 € per day but limited to 256 kbits/s for a max total download of 500 megs, probably the most expensive and ridiculous internet access offer in a hotel these days...

Hilton Hotels, a few things you should learn: having a tub and a shower in the bathroom is cool but for business customers it will rarely counterbalance the fact an internet connectivity that costs one night (I should say one arm...) for 5 nights of stay is just pure none-sense, in particular when France is full these days of an hotel ad "wifi 100% gratuit dans 100% des chambres"... Having a nice desk in the room is cool but facing the window is better than facing the room because of reflections; because of security too, because the other aisle of the hotel is just meters away and could read in your back. Having only one power socket available in the room is ridiculous when you have a cellphone and a laptop to charge... Selling a can of soda 7 € or a can of beer for 8.50 € is insane. Having next to the bed a radio-clock that looks like it was acquired for 1.50 € in a bargain shop next to the train station is not a very positive argument, I'm afraid. Having a seat that is not fashion but comfortable will remain better than a seat that is fashion and impossible to stay in more than thirty seconds.

Oh, I just found a second power socket ! It's conveniently placed right behind the television... Useless but for the tea pot. Because I also found a tea pot. It's usually rather visible in a hotel room. Here, it's not, it's even very well hidden. I appreciated the fact the room service left dirty water for me in it.

Hilton Hotels, you just lost a customer. It's my first stay in one of your hotels in Europe, it's also clearly my last.