Dual-screen painful behaviour of OS X

I currently have two screens: the primary 1440x900 LCD screen of my MacBookPro and I am projecting in 800x600 for the CSS Working Group meeting. Because the projector's resolution is lower than my screens, if I put the mouse pointer at the bottom-left of my LCD screen and move it leftwards, I hit a wall unless the vertical position is lower than 600... That's really bad and I wish the mouse pointer would move to the bottom-right corner of the projection if the y position at the bottom-left corner of my LCD is >= 600..


1. On Tuesday 2 November 2010, 16:10 by arhgi

It's the same on Windows (XP, I don't know for newer versions)...
Personally, I find more comfortable to set my screens to be aligned on the bottom than on the top (and hurt the wall on the top instead of the bottom) but its true its painful.